Thursday, December 11, 2008


Dear Skeleton Kidz,

I know it's been a while since we last updated but it's all cuz we've been mega busy! (I SWEAR)
Let me give ya a lil recap
Had a bunch of amazing shows in November like Shiny Kid's 21st Birthday Party, Dubbel Dutch, & playing on the bumpin back patio while Flosstradamus mixed it up inside
Then we took a break from Oh Pimp for 2 weeks (this is due to us goin home for Thanxgiving to visit the familia & cuz Nat Self came to rock it on a Friday all the way from the LDN!)
But tomorrow, we are back in action!
With our homie Christian Hoff whom y'all may better know as Jak-Z
We brought him from Leeds which is in the United Kingdom & this is his first U.S. show
Make sure you come out early for our favorite girl/boy duo Tummy Toast & Lazy Bass
Be there at 9pm sharp to warm it up with us cuz it's gonna be damn cold
Even tho we are holding down the inside stage of the club y'all
Here's all the info via pimp flyer courtesy of Mat Crossman:


This is an 18+ show y'all & it's a $5 cover for all
So there's no confusion, but it's gonna be bumpin as hell
All the turtles coming outta their shells
Keep yr fucking skullz peeled for the afterparty as well
Which won't be announced til the last minute ^0^

Speaking of Jak-Z
Our homeboi is officially hosting  a bootleg for our page
Which we are posting here for you to get & bump on yr speakers
We at Hype Headz are excited cuz this is the first time we are giving out a track on our blog
So here ya go -

Let's fast forward to Saturday
My homeboi Abominatron is backing town & ready to rage
Me n Shooknite will be warmin it up on multiple decks @ Milk 8
Expect ghetto house, deep tech, bassline, n plenty of jacking house on the outside stage
Don't worry bout it tho! We got space heaterz, a tent, n loads of jamz to keep ya heatwaved
Check it :


So hope to see all of y'all out this weekend
Send anythang over to us @
For any future parties, stay  tuned & keep hypin yo head
Stay up party people!

Here's a few pieces of eye candy that ya might enjoy
Hot girls & dope boyz ;0





Hey y'all this is ya girl Shiny Kid and I finally finished this skate video:

Skate Late Vol. 1 from Caitlin Diaz on Vimeo.

Hope y'all like watching girls who can't rly skate :P
more here: Caitlin Diaz

Shiny Kid