Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hello kiddos! This is ya girl Shiny Kid bloggin' from 606! I know we haven't reviewed how SXSW played out for us, so I got a couple of pictures to make a mini rave review!





Those pictures were snapped at the IHEARTCOMIX n Mad Decent showcase! Since it was 21+, we had to sneak in a bunch of kids! It was fucking pimp sticking wristbands in a water bottle and throwing them down to our friends below!

The Hype Headz house party was fucking bumpin! We had the apartment packed and JUICEBOXXX n Dre Skull really pumped up the kids! We had goodie bags, silly string, confetti, balloons, and crazy punch! I wish we had pictures! I will try and track some down!

Our boys in Cul 'n' Sweet brought down so many badass DJs and performers! They had shows at Club Oriente Wednesday through Friday and then hosted a HUGE rave on Saturday that lasted until 9AM!

Speakin of the Cul 'n' Sweet boys, look what DJ YAYYAY n Shiny Kid will be supporting next weekend:
JUICEBOXXX will be playing a show the night before in McAllen,TX at Club Shine downtown!

I will be doing visuals for both shows if everything goes well, so if you can you should come support us!

Also, this is happening the same time as the JB/DRE SKULL show in Monterrey, and it's a pretty big deal for our buddies Teenage Wolf and Spin Laden!

You all should definitely go to the McAllen and Monterrey shows! It's going to be a lot of fun and I am super excited to visit Monterrey for the first time, and I'm even more excited about pumpin out visuals for the shows too!!!

Tomorrow our boy David is throwing a party for his buddy and DJ YAYYAY will be mixin it up! Tummy Toast may also be performing if she finds her cute voice! If not, she can lip sync, dance, and look fuckin hott!

1301 Crossing Place, Apt. 1216, all the way in the back, gate code: 23012
Check it out if ya know what's upppp!

Until next time!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Taco Kidz First Review

We are the taco kidzzzz. You can add as many z's as seems fit but they will never add up to the tacos that we munch out on. If you want to know what's Mexican or what's just valley-style-muncheria material, then stick to this taco blog. It's yet another facet to the shiny diamond that is Hype Headz.

First up is Little Mexico: Located South First Street. We were too blazed or just plain hyped up to notice exact directions, but if you care about La Virgen de Guadalupe or pimply salsa, you'll seek out this South Austin treasure spot.

Tacos from Little Mexico are grown fresh from this field except none of familia Hype Headz actually ordered tacos during our stay.

What was ordered from Little Mexico was:

1. Carne Guisada Plate
2. Two Orders of Enchiladas de Monterrey(?) con Queso Fresco
3. Enchiladas de Queso Blanco y Poblanas de Rajas

Due to the subjective nature of taste, I can only judge the Enchiladas de Queso Blanco y Poblanas de Rajas. The cheese was the cheesiest it could be, stretching beyond my satisfaction for this classic Mexican delight. The actual bell peppers were scarcely scattered throughout the dish,leaving me as wanting as a little Mexican boy without shoes. Rice and beans were supplied, fortifying the authentic cuisine and I can honestly say that I appreciate a restaurant that doesn't forget to add some leafy foliage. A compact, tidy salad complemented and cooled my palate whenever the rich Mexican spices began to overpower. Two flour tortillas were also thrown in to seal the delicious deal. Now, tortillas are essential to any valley kid. Tortillas are what make a taco kid. Unfortunately, the tortillas at Little Mexico ultimately failed. They were not homemade, which is a mortal sin for any restaurant that flaunts itself as being part of the heart of Mexico.

As for the other meals, I can only say that all food was consumed with vigor. Andy seeked out every Carne Guisada nugget and Courtney cleaned up Caitlin's straggling rice.

Salsa Verdict: Delicious, in no way tripped out. A 4 on the spicy meter.
Final Verdict: Pimp but not that pimp.

* As a side note, Taco Kidz fully ally with the Burger Kidz.

Munch Out or Die
-Christopher Love

Tuesday, March 18, 2008



Little Buddie Diapers.

He now has a fresh cut, courtesy of C. Love, Gourtney, &y and Sir Hausle.

Catch him prowling the sanctity of Red Door Dungeon.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Hello lovelies! This is yr girl, Shiny Kid, updating from 606! YAYYAY n I wanna tell ya wuts cummin up this weekend! But first:

HYPE HEADZ, Friends of HYPE HEADZ, n Children of HYPE HEADZ attended the Blanton Mixxx last Thursday real crunkk! It was fun when a museum employee (who we deemed TROLL PATROLL) followed us around and told Jamal not to point too close to the paintings!

Right now, all of HH are getting ready for their big SXSW after party! Tummy Toast is even here, sittin right next to me, and we are all watching SCREAM. Be ready to be tripped out with my visuals kiddies!

And now for JAMAL:
For the 2nd year in a row, DJ YAYYAY is competing in the AMODA Laptop Battle (Digital Showcase)!
There are some changes this year - Instead of 6 rounds, there are 4 & I'm mixxxing all original traxxx...
Although, I didn't make them all myself ;], they are all done with the help of HYPE HEADZ members!
Anyway, hope to see all my friends there with their hands up in the air!



Now guest Blogger: JORDYNE AKA: TUMMY TOAST!!!
lots of work to do still for the show coming up! mat finished the whole set, but now we still need all the cassettes to be recorded~!

but it'll all get done with the help of christopher love+our hype headz friends!

Well hope you all make it out to the laptop battle and our SXSW party Wednesday night!
until next time....


Saturday, March 1, 2008

SXSW '08 Hype Headz Production

Hype yo head- Hype Headz family has a blog now! Be prepared for music links, fashion knowhow, poetry tidbits, art, Austin celebrity rumors, friends of hype heads exposure, window diaries, party updates, tummy toast production and much much more!

To kick things off, here's a flyer for a show we're throwing during the week of SouthbySouthwest. Rollerskating, bubbles & Juiceboxxx. What more could you ask for?
-Christopher Love